AC, Single Supply

Follow the steps below to fix common problems. Before troubleshooting, remove any objects in detection zone and make sure sensor is clear of debris.

  • No Water Flow or Flow is Limited

    1. Make sure supply hoses are connected and supply stop(s) are fully open. Clean or replace filter screen gaskets or outlet insert.
    2. Check power level of unit by placing hand in detection zone for up to 20 seconds.
      1. If red sensor LED then blinks 3 times OR lights solid for 5 seconds, followed by 3 short blinks, replace transformer.
      2. If red sensor LED then lights solid for 5 seconds and IS NOT followed by 3 short blinks, replace entire control box.
      3. If the red sensor LED does not appear, follow the steps below:
        1. Check external power connections: mains power is on, circuit breaker is on, any gang connections are completed, and transformer is plugged into a live outlet or properly hardwired. Take necessary corrective actions.
        2. Check internal control box power connection: transformer is properly connected to the module (gray to gray) and solenoid is properly connected to module (black to black). If they are not, make proper connection.
        3. Use a voltmeter to ensure transformer is providing 6 VDC power. If it is not, replace the transformer
        4. If all external power connections are complete and transformer is providing power, red LED should light for 5 seconds. If not, replace the spout assembly.

    Water Temperature Too Hot

    1. Check boiler temperature. Reduce as needed.
    2. Make sure cold water supply hose is connected and cold water supply stop is fully open. Clean or replace filter screen gasket.
    3. Check external mixing valve is operating correctly (by others).

    Water Temperature Too Cold

    1. Check boiler temperature. Increase as needed.
    2. Check external mixing valve is operating correctly (by others).
  • The Faucet is Leaking:

    From outlet – tighten or replace outlet insert using included key.
    From supply stop – install or replace filter screen gasket.

    Water Flow Does Not Stop:

    If water flows continuously but stops when hand enters detection zone, reverse solenoid electrical connections.

    Faucet Does Not Properly Detect User:

    Remove and reapply power or run faucet to maximum run time. This will cause automatic recalibration of sensing field. Recalibration is complete when solid red light disappears.

    Customer Service:

    If the steps above do not solve the problem, you may need to replace the spout assembly or control box. For additional information contact Chicago Faucets customer service at 800/832-3783.
The mixed water temperature must be checked at the point of use and the external mixing valve adjusted to ensure delivery of water at a safe temperature not exceeding 110°F (43°C). Water temperatures in excess of 110°F (43°C) are dangerous and may cause scalding, severe injury, or death!